May I welcome any reader of our blog 'View from ashore' that is aimed at providing a light hearted, but informative overview of the regular goings on at our home the Springbok Estate. As a charity providing services to a wide and diverse group of seafarers and their dependants, we have much going on to keep thier minds and bodies active. This can range from our gardening project, supervised gym sessions, bingo, social events etc. One or two of our residents also have personal projects that they invest a lot of time in and this blog wil be used to give you all an update on their progress as well. As I state this will be a light hearted approach to our services, but this should not mean we overlook the importance of our work and that of the other maritime charities in and around the UK. The work of all seafrers and fishermen is essential in keeping this country ticking, without them our shop shelves would be virtually empty as 80% of the goods within them are bought to us by sea. We are an island nation and unless something radical happens will remain so, therefore, give a little thought to those who serve us so well. OKAY enough of the serious stuff, keep your eyes peeled for some very interesting posts.