Son of Care Ashore Trustee participating in the famous Pinarello Grandfondo cycling event seeks sponsors

James-AllenbyJames Allenby (pictured right), the son of one of Care Ashore’s trustees, is participating in the Pinarello Grandfondo cycling event.

Italy, the home of cycling and Treviso north of Venice, the home of the legendary bike company Pinarello and it's world famous Pinarello Grandfondo cycling event. Taking in the gruelling challenge of crossing the Dolomite mountain range, the Pinarello Grand Fondo is one of the most demanding and arduous cycling events in Europe.

In July, 5000 amateur & profession cyclists (with only 500 admitted from outside Italy) will attempt to conquer the 175km of cycling during the permitted time of 8 hours. Starting outside the historic Pinarello factory in the Piazza del Signori in Treviso, the participants will head out towards the splendour of the Dolomites.


Care Ashore was established in 1920 as The Merchant Seaman's War Memorial SocietyCare Ashore was established in 1920 as The Merchant Seaman's War Memorial Society after Havelock Wilson, the founder and president of the National Union of Seamen (NUS) recognised that there was a need to provide help for merchant seafarers.

He campaigned and highlighted awareness throughout the country, successfully raising funds, gaining the support of one main benefactor, Mr Henry Radcliffe, who was a shipping company owner.

Today Care Ashore continues to offer support to seafarers and provides both sheltered housing with support, and holidays to anyone who has served in either the Merchant and Royal Navies, plus the fishing fleets may apply for accommodation or a holiday.